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Feel Good in Your Clothing

I started BawdyPlus because people of all shapes and sizes deserve to feel good in their clothing.

Our Values.

We are a values-based small business. We believe that all bodies are beautiful and want to do our part to make fashion size-inclusive. We also recognize that freedom and respect for all bodies means standing against racism, patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia, and all forms of systemic oppression.

Where our stock comes from.

We are deeply concerned about the gentrification of thrift shopping. For lots of folks, the most affordable clothing options have become harder to afford as interest in second hand and vintage fashion has increased. In order to not contribute to this problem, we do not purchase items from thrift shops or retail outlets to resell. Instead, we obtain our stock from wholesale vendors, closeout/liquidation lots, or by buying directly from our customers.

What we sell.

In our shop, you can expect to find a variety of clothing items, primarily in sizes 14 and up. Our pieces include gently-worn second hand items, new with tags or new without tags pieces, and vintage items. We often have gently-used or vintage handbags in stock.

We also stock a mix of gifts and other items our customers are interested, many from independent artists. Our stock is always changing, but you might find stickers, pins, jewelry, drinkware, wall art, and LGBTQ+/Pride gear.